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Brief Introduction of the Law School


    Shandong University is one of the most famous universities that have long historical standing. It is the predecessor for Shandong College Hall which was established in 1901, only after the Imperial University. In its 100 years history of , the Shandong University Law School always play an important role in Chinese legal education. In 1906,the Qing Government established school of law and political science. They were called the first and second law school. In 1913, these two schools incorporated into the Shandong Public Law and Political Science School, and it became one of the six specialist schools. However, due to the bad fortune of the country during that period of time, Shandong University united and divided for several times, and law school disappeared gradually.

   Law education at the Shandong University in the modern sense began in the 1980s. In 1981 Socialism College established Law school , ...